Strontium quantum gas group


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The strontium team

Group Picture January 2019

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Address for visitors: Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, 1090 GL Amsterdam, The Netherlands


SrMic, SrPAL lab (D0.134) phone: +31 20525 8515

RbSr lab (D0.136) phone: +31 20525 8565

iqClock lab (D0.137) phone: +31 20525 7012


Address for letters: Florian Schreck, Institute of Physics, University of Amsterdam, Postbus 94485, 1090 GL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Address for deliveries: Florian Schreck, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Centraal magazijn FC, Attn: Florian Schreck, Lab D0.136, Sciencepark 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Florian Schreck


Prof. Dr. Florian Schreck


Principal investigator


Tel. office: +31 20525 5163


private homepage

Robert Spreeuw


Dr. Robert Spreeuw


Co-PI SrMic project


Tel. office: +31 20525 5162



Klaasjan van Druten


Dr. Klaasjan van Druten


Co-PI RbSr project


Tel. office: +31 20525 7118



Benjamin Pasquiou


Dr. Benjamin Pasquiou


Co-PI SrPAL project


Tel. office: +31 20525 7703


Dr. Lukas Reichsöllner


Dr. Lukas Reichsöllner


Postdoc RbSr project


Tel. office: +31 20525 6311


Dr. Jiri Minar


Dr. Jiri Minar


Postdoc, theory, with Kareljan Schoutens



Chun-Chia Chen


Chun-Chia Chen, PhD


Postdoc SrPAL project


Tel. office: +31 20525 6311

Shayne Bennetts


Shayne Bennetts, BSc.


Postdoc iqClock & SrPAL projects


Tel. office: +31 20525 5616

Denis Kurlov


Denis Kurlov, MSc.


PhD student, theory, with Gora Shlyapnikov


Tel. office: +31 20525 8501

Vincent Barbé


Vincent Barbé, MSc.


PhD student RbSr project


Tel. lab: +31 20525 8565

Sergey Pyatchenkov


Sergey Pyatchenkov, MSc.


PhD student SrMic project


Tel. office: +31 20525 5007

Severin Charpignon


Severin Charpignon, MSc.


PhD student RbSr project


Tel. office: +31 20525 6310

Alex Urech


Alex Urech, MSc.


PhD student SrMic project


Tel. office: +31 20525 6365

Rodrigo González Escudero


Rodrigo González Escudero, MSc.


PhD student SrPAL project


Tel. lab: +31 20525 8515

Premjith Thekkeppat


Premjith Thekkeppat, MSc.


PhD student RbSr project


Tel. lab: +31 20525 6310

Francesca Famà


Francesca Famà, MSc.


PhD student iqClock project


Tel. lab: +31 20525 7012



Former team members


Jens Samland


Jens Samland, MSc.


master student SrPAL project



Carla Sanna


Carla Sanna, MSc.


PhD student SrMic project


Tel. office: +31 20525 3388

Oleksiy Onishchenko


Oleksiy Onishchenko, MSc.


PhD student SrMic project (2014 - 2018)


now at VU, Amsterdam

Alessio Ciamei


Alessio Ciamei, PhD


PhD student RbSr project (2014 - 2018)


now at LENS, Florence

Ivo Knottnerus


Ivo Knottnerus, MSc.


master student



Georgios Siviloglou


Georgios Siviloglou, Ph.D.


Postdoc (2014 - 2018)


now at SUSTech, Shenzhen, China


Zhou muyan Geng


Zhou muyan Geng, MSc.


master student (2016 - 2017)


then PhD student at AMOLF

Tim van Leent


Tim van Leent, MSc.


master student



Alex Bayerle


Alex Bayerle, PhD


PhD student


since Dec 2016 at ARCNL

Namrata Dutta-Mazumdar


Namrata Dutta-Mazumdar, MSc.


master student



Wouter Meinster


Wouter Meinster, MSc.


master student



Slava Tzanova


Slava Tzanova, MSc.


PhD student (2012-2013), since Dec 2013 in the group of Rudolf Grimm



Prof. Dr. Rudolf Grimm


Co-PI (2008-2013)



Simon Stellmer


Dr. Simon Stellmer


PhD student (2008-2013) Postdoc (2013)


now professor at Uni Bonn


Florian Vogl, MSc.


Master student



Dr. Jacek Szczepkowski


Visiting scientist

Nov. 2011 - Jan. 2012


Mark Parigger


Master student



Prof. Dr. Meng Khoon Tey


Postdoc (2008 - 2010)


now professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing


Bo Huang, PhD


Master student






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