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Ultracold quantum gases allow us to explore quantum mechanics and are at the core of extremely sensitive measurement devices. To date, thirteen elements have been cooled to quantum degeneracy. Each of them has different properties that make them useful for different explorations and applications. We are studying quantum gases of strontium, an alkaline-earth element that provides us with long-lived optically excited states, ultra-narrow optical transitions and a large nuclear spin. These properties make Sr uniquely suited for exciting research projects, as you’ll see when following the links below.


SrPAL: perpetual atom laser

atom laser illustration


RbSr: RbSr ground-state molecules

RbSr illustration


SrMic: Sr quantum gas microscope

SrMic icon


SrBEC: first strontium BECs





Open positions

We have open positions for master students, PhD students and postdocs. Please contact Florian Schreck for information.


Steady-State Magneto-Optical Trap with 100-Fold Improved Phase-Space Density

Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 223202 (2017), arXiv:1707.05370. Press release: Towards a continuous atom laser


Lecturer in the spotlight

UvA News: Lecturer in the spotlight: Florian Schreck


Editor's Suggestion

Our article Efficient production of long-lived ultracold Sr2 molecules was highlighted by Phys. Rev. A as "Editor's Suggestion".


NWO Zwaartekracht grant for Quantum Software Consortium

As part of QuSoft, we are members of the Quantum Software Consortium, which received an NWO Zwaartekracht grant.


NWO Vici grant

Florian Schreck received an NWO Vici grant to construct a perpetual atom laser and to use that laser for the creation of an active clock laser.


Marie Curie grant

Georgios Siviloglou received a Marie Curie grant of the European Comission (SYMULGAS, No. 661171) to implement artificial gauge fields with strontium.


NWO Veni grant

Benjamin Pasquiou received an NWO Veni grant to demonstrate atom interferometry using a perpetual atom laser.


Inauguration of our labs

UvA rector magnificus prof. Dymph van den Boom visited us and inaugurated our new labs.


Sr BEC at the University of Amsterdam

Sr BEC at UvA

Our machine is working again: we have created the first Sr BECs at UvA!


Physics World Top Ten Breakthroughs 2013

Our work on laser cooling to quantum degeneracy has been selected as one of the Top Ten Breakthroughs in Physics 2013 by Physics World, the journal of the British Institute of Physics. See also IQOQI press release and UvA press release.


ERC consolidator grant

Florian Schreck received an ERC consolidator grant.


IQOQI dissertation prize for Simon Stellmer

Simon Stellmer has received an IQOQI dissertation prize for his work in our group.


Moving to Amsterdam!

Our group has arrived at the University of Amsterdam. And even our super fragile glass vacuum cell survived the transport despite -6°C outside temperature in Innsbruck and a huge storm in Amsterdam!



The project is hosted by the University of Amsterdam at the Institute of Physics. Funding is provided by an ERC consolidator grant (QuantStro, No. 615117), an NWO Vici grant (No. 680-47-619), an NWO Zwaartekracht grant (Quantum Software Consortium), an NWO Veni grant (No. 680-47-438), and a Marie Curie grant of the European Comission (SYMULGAS, No. 661171). Formerly the project was hosted by the Austrian Academy of Sciences at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information. Funding was provided by a START prize of the FWF and the BMWF and the iSense FET-Open grant of the European Commission.


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